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The first CED opened its doors in California back in 1957 and has since expanded to over 700 locations across America. How’d we do it? By holding true to our motto, “Service. Integrity. Reliability.” for each and every customer we serve. Our success can also be attributed to empowering our managers to make decisions at the local level about how to best serve the surrounding market including what products to stock and which value-added services to offer. In that way, we bring our people, our partners, and our products close to our customers. 

Our local strength scales to the national level – an account at CED plugs you into our network throughout the country, gaining you access to the hard-to-find items you need to get you off the job site. With CEDs all across the nation, you’ll be hard-pressed to a find a manufacturer not represented by CED but the best news is – you’re far less likely to be subject to long lead-times. Many products sourced within the company can be made available to you next day via UPS Red Label shipping. That’s the power of CED. 


Led by manager Nick Boston, CED Riverside has a staff of two dozen team members all dedicated to getting you the right product, at the right time, at the right price. On our busier days we’ve got six trucks departing our warehouse delivering to both San Bernardino and Riverside Counties and beyond. Whether a large scale commercial contractor or an electrician just starting out, we’re committed to providing top-tier service because we know you’ve got options and it’s our goal to be the best electrical supply house in Riverside county. 

Anchored by flagship switchgear lines Square D and Eaton with switchgear expert Patrick Shippey on staff, you can rest assured your next gear quote is in good hands. Given our size, CED Riverside is able to offer value-added services our competitors likely aren’t able to. Services such as Job Management, Storage Solutions, and Mobile Proof of Delivery add an extra level of assurance that your materials are stored safely and your project can move along smoothly. 

With you every step of the way

CED Riverside sees the people we serve not just as customers but as partners and we are invested in your success.

We bid jobs competitively to help you win and if you're kind enough to reward us for our efforts we reward you with several value-added services. From takeoffs to trim-outs, we will see your project through.


We thoroughly examine electrical drawings and spec sheets to get you the right counts every time.
We have the resources to go to with any questions related to complex lighting systems and gear packages.


Don't need all of the material at once? No problem. CED Riverside has you covered. We'll keep your project palletized and piece-meal it as needed, giving your valuable materials a safe home overnight.


Let us help you keep everything on track during weekly meetings with our custom reporting. Our reports include vital information such as estimated shipping dates, tracking numbers, delivery dates, and signatory on delivered materials.

Work with the best

let's be partners

Customer Portal

Gain access to spec sheets for a wide array of electrical products

Get up-to-date pricing on commodities like pipe & wire

Seamlessly send CED invoices to your Quickbooks software

Skip the check writing and make fast & easy payments through the portal